Friday, November 5, 2010

Utah Family Seeking Asylum Deported - Utah family seeking asylum deported

I couldn't watch the above video without crying, my heart broke for this family. They weren't a family of illegals hiding, working under the table or claiming benefits. They were a family that were here legally but when the time came were given bad advice. They were one month shy of being in the United States for 10 years, they have worked in our community, they have paid their taxes, they have volunteered in our community, they are our community. Most of all my heart breaks for their children who were four and seven years old when they came to Utah. They don't remember living in Argentina, as 17 year old Kevin put it, he doesn't speak the language as well as he should. These kids are American through and through and we have allowed them to be thrown to the wolves. If they fail in life it is because WE allowed it to happen. Something has to be done about immigration because children like Kevin and Maggie are the ones who are truly suffering. The courage that Kevin and Maggie have shown at facing a new life in a country they don't remember, a culture they don't remember and knowing the persecution that they will face for being LDS is mind boggling. Knowing that when they get off the plane in Argentina they will know no one, I can't even imagine having to do that. Below is the link to the original story that aired about this family, remember it is always easy to play the part of the one who is right when it isn't your family that is being targeted.

Problems with US Immigration Law Highlighted by Utah Family

Family Seeking Asylum will be Deported Thursday


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