Saturday, November 6, 2010

Song of the Day! Never Shout Never - Can't Stand It (Video)

It's Saturday and it's also the day we roll those clocks back an hour (woo hoo, and extra hour of sleep!). I had to share this song as the song of the day because it is (as they say in the song) Super Duper cute and the beat is totally infectious. My brother-in-law showed up one day quite a few months ago and made me copy this album onto my computer and promise that I would listen. That was my first introduction too Never Shout Never and ever since then I have been completely addicted to their edgy, 60's pop influenced beats. I adore their writing and the way their music has been styled and composed. Never Shout Never is one of those bands that is on my list of "Happy"bands. I know that if I am down I can pull up their music and find a song, such as Can't Stand It or I Love You 5 and my mood changes immediately. So Happy Saturday my friends, enjoy your morning however you normally do and don't forget to "Fall Back" tonight before you go too bed:).


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