Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Retro Housewife Day

We come to the end of National Housewife Day or as it is also known "Retro Housewife Day". On November 3rd of every year, we celebrate all of those Stay-at-Home wives and mothers who keep the home fires burning and thanks to them keep the kids from burning down the house. Yes, this holiday does indeed set the women's movement back a few decades, but hey, who doesn't love a woman in an apron and pearls who keeps everything in impeccable condition? So before you lay your head on your perfectly fluffed pillow and shut your sleepy little eyes, take the time to thank and worship the goddess that is the housewife in your life. Because without her, you would just be another mismatched, disheveled, eat out of the container while standing over the sink schmuck who still thinks they have a shot at Angelina Jolie.


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