Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sisters, Sisters, There were never such devoted SISTERS

In contact with a woman named Valerie who turns out to be my Great Aunt Sarah's, Great-Great Niece. Although we aren't related, it is pretty cool to meet someone who has a common ancestor with me. I received an email today providing me with Great Aunt Sarah's family tree information. You could have smacked me with a Mackeral and called me fish bait when another email came in with some very interesting information. Sarah had a sister named Emma, who married a man named Abraham. Wait a second,  I have a Great Uncle named Abraham who married a woman named Emma. I had no idea that Sarah's sister had married into the family, not only that but my Mom and Aunt were unaware of it also. So Sarah married Sandor and Emma married Abraham, so her sister also became her sister-in-law. Pretty nifty neato if you ask me, that being said, I hope Abe and Emma married for love and that it wasn't arranged. Uncle Sandor and Sarah had a habit of medaling in other's lives.


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