Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Found a Relative! Kind of

So here is the dealio, connected me to a family tree that had my Great-Uncle Sandor Goldman, his wife Sarah and the children listed on it. I emailed the owner of the tree and waited and waited and waited until the day before yesterday when they responded back! This person is my Great-Aunt Sarah's Great-Great Niece. Her Great-Great Grandmother Rose Norman was Sarah's sister. The first big thrill for me is now I know Aunt Sarah's maiden name. Second, I now have the names of her siblings. Third, I have the names of her parents!!!!! I am plotzzing here people! This wonderful person is getting all of the information together for me and I am getting together the stories I have along with photographs for them ( I say them because I still don't know if they are male or female, LOL). Funny side note, they have a story posted under Sarah on their family tree that said Sarah was only 2'3". I commented on the note because Sarah was not 2'3" although she was barely 5 ft tall in heels and Uncle Sandor was 6 feet. I will be working on the tree some more today, so hopefully I will be able to add a few new items also.


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