Friday, January 28, 2011

She married a Vanderbilt!

So much information is being thrust upon me about my Grandfather's family that I feel my head and my heart are going to burst! I am extremely saddened at the discovery that my Grandfather's sisters lived so very close and yet the rift in the family was so big that they did not associate with each other. Yet at the same time, that was between them and because of that it has made the discovery of Warren and Heather that much more special. We are already forming more then a familial bond, it is a spiritual bond, a bond of love and bond that I dare say, will never be broken.

This little piece is about what I have learned about Harriett so far. Harriett it turns out was quite the looker and hot to trot. She had a brief marriage....wait for a VANDERBILT! You may recognize that name as the nemesis of the Astor's and the fabulous designer Gloria Vanderbilt! Well that marriage ended in divorce and good ol' Aunt Hattie took off to gay Paris to live it up. To have been a fly on the wall in her life huh? She came back to the U.S. in 1920 I believe and shacked up with a man who unfortunately my cousin Warren has no name for. What he does know is that this man went wacko and went on a shooting spree killing several people!  A New York police officer named Fred Stout shot and killed him and was wounded in the process. Somehow, divine intervention or just dumb luck, Aunt Hattie fell in love with good ol' Fred and married him. What a pistol! I can't wait to hear more family stories and finally start working on the family tree BEFORE they immigrated:).

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