Monday, January 24, 2011

Ancestry Explosion Part Deux!

Where did I leave off...oh right, sister no one knew about, blah blah blah. After my post earlier I logged into my email and discovered that a family tree on Ancestry that I had contacted, emailed me back. Their family tree mentioned one of my father's sisters, her husband and her daughter. So I asked them how they were related and such and I got my answer.

The person putting the family tree together is the current husband of my Grand-father's Great-Nephew's Ex-Wife.....did you get all that? LOL His Great-Nephew is now remarried and living in North Carolina, this is a direct bloodline people, my Mother's second cousin and my third. I am just tripping the heck out on all of this. After so many years of searching and looking and being disappointed and becoming convinced that my Grandfather's family just they are.

So I emailed back thanking him for responding and being willing to get my contact information to my cousins. Through him I found my Great-Uncle's WWII draft card, which was pretty darn cool. Plus I learned that they were living in Passaic, New Jersey at the time, I had been searching in New York!

So now I sit and wait, wait for more responses from this contact and the Masonic Columbian Lodge #484 in New York. Turns out the lodge is still around so I emailed the current secretary to find out if they have any records of my Great-Grandfather that might possibly fill in some of the gaps that we have. Which is why I am back to hurry up and wait.

Cricket is sick and Bean isn't feeling much better which means I will have time to research more when I get home. Onward and Upward!

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