Thursday, April 19, 2012

If at first you don't succeed....bang your head against the wall!

I have taken some time away from research to try and get my mind to calm down and quit over thinking things. The 1940's census is still being transcribed and because I don't know the district numbers or the areas of the relatives I am looking for, I have to wait for that info to become available through a normal search on I have however been updating my Grandmother's brothers and sisters, since adding their birth and death dates has exploded with hints that I have been able to look at and attach to my relatives. Case in point, I now have a census for my Uncle Sandor (whom I am named after, yeah fun to know I am named after a man, LOL) who was the head of the family after my Great Grandfather passed away. I knew he was a successful business man but I never knew that he was a restaurantor and owned his own restaurant. For me, it is these little nuggets of information that make all the difference. They are what keep me going since those family members are no longer alive to share their stories with me.

I wound up contacting two members because I found two family trees, one listing my Uncle Sandor and one listing my Uncle Shimon. I am assuming they are Grandchildren of my Uncles but I have not heard back from them. That is a little disconcerting since I am trying to not only piece my family together but also to bring my family back together. I also haven't heard back from the Rabbi at the local synagogue and I can't translate the Hebrew on their headstones myself. I plan on calling the Synagogue to see if there is anyone else in the congregation who would be willing to translate the inscriptions for me. So that is where I am at, I will forge ahead, I know this all won't come together as quickly as I would like but it will happen. Some how, some way, I will learn the story of the people that I come from.

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