Monday, April 2, 2012

I am an Ace!

What does being an Ace mean? Just that I get all the information about the 1940 census before anyone else does! Of course it is going to take awhile for the 1940 census to be uploaded to their site but it's nice to know when the censuses I am looking for will be posted. They already have a few states up and they are working on New York right now, it should be posted within the next couple days. That is the one I am itching to get in my hot little hands. To see a census with my Grandmother and Grandfather AND my Auntie on it.....she is just going to die. There was an article online this morning that said about 21 million people from the 1940 census are alive today....they are a part of living history, how cool is that! I hope that when the 1980 census drops I will still be around. To read the article, click on the link here:,0,2777746.story

Here is to a fun and fantastic search for all. I know it's not going to happen as quickly as I want it too but come on, it's been 78 years already so a few more days won't hurt:).


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