Friday, March 25, 2011

Mountain Meadows Massacre and More!

Pictured is my husband's Great-Great-Great Grandparent's Phelix and Sarah Byrum......I now know what my husband will look like at that age, LOL. They are my husband's Grandfather's Great Grandparents....I have found (so far) hat two of the Grandfather's from the maternal and paternal lines fought for the Confederacy (boo) I found that Felix's Grandmother died in Afghanistan (I can't wait to track down that story), I learned that my son is related directly to John Doyle Lee (through my mother-in-laws line), the man who was tried and executed for the Mountain Meadows Massacre (google it), he had 17 wives and his daughter (my son's direct decendent) refused the polygamous match he had made for her, followed her heart and married the love of her life (to which she was completely turned out). They in turn founded Panguitch, Utah and were much beloved by everyone that new them and apparently that my husband and son are related to Robert E. Lee (through this line) via a cousin.......I am now going to take a step away before my poor brain implodes again.

One of the funniest things I have come across is that my Mother-in-law's line and my daughter's Dad's Maternal line were both living in the same village in Scotland within 100 years of each other...I have a gnawing in my gut that somewhere I am going to come across one of my daughter's ancestors marrying one of my son's ancestors, LOL.

Tonight I am emailing my own family information to my mother-in-law. Her Aunt in St. George does family research for the ancestry library and she is going to send it too her and see what she can find out. Fingers crossed she can break down the wall surrounding my family before they came to the United States.


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