Thursday, June 7, 2012

1940 New York Census

I woke up this morning to going berserk with all these new hints because I can now search the 1940 census for New York by name. This brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes when I found the very first census showing my Grandparent's after they married and when my Aunt was just 2 years old.

There is something amazing to me about these Census records. If you take the time to search the entire record image you discover things, for instance, just 10 rows down from my Grandfather, my Grandmother's sister is listed. She was living in the same building with her daughter and her daughter's family. Her husband was gone by this point and from what I can tell, they moved in with Aunt Helen when he passed. My Grandparent's lived below them and it shows me just how much my Grandmother and her sister's cared for each other.

Now to search the records for my Grandfather's Mother. My Great Grandfather had passed in 1938 so I am curious to see where she wound up and who she was living with:).


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