Friday, March 9, 2012

Great Great Grandmother and Grandfather on Paternal Grandfather's Side

This evening, right as I was about to shoot my computer in frustration with came across the marriage record of my Great Grandfather and Grandmother (my Grandfather's parents). Oddly enough I did not find the information on Ancestry, instead I found it on Not only did it give me the date they were married, but I now have my Great Grandfather's Father's name and my Great Grandmother's Mothers name. Now, this also opens up more questions like 1. Why is Great Grandpa's Mother not named and Great Grandma's Father not named. 2. While knowing they were married in New York in 1892 is great, why can't I find any record of them individually in 1892 in New York since both of them arrived prior to that? I am giving up for the night, I am going to take my little piece of research success, hold it tight and have sweet dreams. At least I can now give my Mom, Aunt, Cousin and his daughter names that no one in the family had ever known.


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