Wednesday, February 9, 2011

On to the Goldman Side

I took a slight break from researching the family so that I could get to know my newly found, flesh and blood, directly related to me cousins. Can I just tell you how frigging awesome they are? I really wish that my Grandfather could have known Warren as he grew up. He is a really cool guy and his daughter is absolutely AWESOMESAUCE!

Last night I jumped back into the ancestral pool but started researching the Goldman side of the family. Now somewhere amongst my 3rd cousins is the "Goldman Family Saga". I had heard of this as I grew up but I have never laid eyes on it. Apparently it is the family history, the last person I know of that had it was my cousin Vic Teich....he passed away at the end of last year and now no one knows who has the family history. So I sent out requests among the relatives who I have emails for, BEGGING them to find out where it went. That is the easy part, the hard part is once I find it, convincing the person to hand it over to me so that I can catalog it and upload it to flash drives so that EVERYONE has the family history.

Never the less, onward I pressed and found out why I had not been able to find any census records with my Great-Grandparents on them, I was looking for the wrong names. My Great Grandfather was named Simcha (but he went by Samuel), my Great Grandmother was Pauline Nussbaum (maiden name) (but she went by Peppie). I had been randomly searching for my Aunt Lulu (Lillian) and low and behold up pops the New York State census for 1905 Grandmother's whole family on it:). She was only 10 months old and my Uncle Seymour was still 4 years away from being born. Once I found that everything started falling into place, I found the 1910 US Census with Peppie as head of household (Simcha had passed on already). After that I found my Great Uncle Sam's marriage record (to a Julia and my aunt has no idea who that is...maybe she died and he remarried, maybe they divorced, who knows). I also found my Great Aunt Ida's marriage record and the death record for my Great Uncle Arnold, who it turns out was named Emanuel Arnold, we never knew that:). Thanks to the 1905 New York State census I was finally able to get a peek into my Grandmother's family's life. My Great Grandfather sold Pocket Books and one of his sons Sandor (Samuel) also sold pocket books. My Great Aunt Ida was a dressmaker (at 16 years old) and my Great Uncle Samuel (yes, there were three Samuel's in the family) was a painter. Now I am not sure if that means house painter or actual "art" painter. I don't know if I will ever find out the answer to that little question.

So tonight, instead of researching more I am going to turn my attention back to the Hess side and get all of the paperwork that I now have filed away by family group. There are A LOT of copies of the same information, but you have to make sure your I's are dotted and your T's are crossed right?



  1. I found this randomly...I'm also part of the Goldman family clan. My father has done a lot of genealogy research...I'd be happy to put you in touch.

    Eric Golden

    1. Eric, I am so sorry I never responded to this comment. I don't usually get comments so I didn't even realize I had one. I would be interested in speaking with you about your Goldman history to see if possibly anything matched up:).