Friday, December 3, 2010


I have these two friends, Jared and Kellee. It took them awhile to find each other, their paths kept crossing and nothing. Then one day, FINALLY, they met and cupid smacked them both up the sides of their heads and they have been together ever since. They are funny, smart, compassionate, empathetic, they love god, they have a faith that never seems to waiver. They are the couple that everyone wants to be (even if they don't say it out loud). Their love is the love that everyone wants to find and is constantly searching for......God didn't just break the mold when he made these two, he shattered it. But then he took all the pieces from both the molds and he made one little perfect red headed angel and sent their little Zinni down to them. It's funny, they are so amazing I don't feel worthy to be their friend and yet for some reason they like me....either they are looking through rose colored glasses or they are gluttons for punishment.


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